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Published Oct 14, 21
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When they knocked on her door, the fraudsters said her roof needed repairs and painting and estimated her $3,000. They later recommended that asbestos sheets needed to be changed which would cost an extra $4,500. The percentage of work carried out was sub-standard. The men, with either Irish, Scottish or English accents.

A consumer in Cannington was approached by males driving a similar automobile who claimed that they were roofing system tilers (roof painting). They said there was a hole in his roofing system that required repairing. roof painting. One of the guys increased on the roof and returned with a broken tile. Which the consumer thinks was broken off by the conman.

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Another customer was approached at his house by 3 guys in a white energy. The guys were using fluoro t-shirts who informed him that his roofing system and seamless gutters required urgent repairs - roof restoration. The dodgy door knockers pretended to carry out some work and charged $7,000. But it was later on discovered that they had actually damaged the roofing rather of fixing it.

"These scammers are breaking customer law by not enabling a cooling-off duration for door to door sales. They need a licence to carry out roof painting work. "They victimize elders and others in our neighborhood. Misleading them into thinking their roofing system requires immediate repair work or painting when this is not necessarily the case.

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A middle-aged lady was approached by a guy impersonating a roofing specialist while exiting her automobile. He pushed her into accepting a quote and squeezed out an in advance payment of $5,000 in cash. The guy claimed he would have materials on site to get going on the roofing system the following day.

He did return the following day; the consumer was told to stay indoors while he and his group got carried out the needed roofing repairs. The men got to work, trees were cut down. There was loud, banging noises originating from the roofing whatever sounded fantastic. The next thing she understood, but the expenses had increased to $9,500.

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To which she responded she would have to compose a cheque. But again, the guys convinced her to hand the money over in money. Which he stated was needed for buying more products urgently. The man was the thought ringleader of a group of conmen who were posing as roofer.

The shonky specialist informed the customer that he had actually seen charring on the roof. Suggesting a problem would need an electrician (roof painting). The con sparky informed her she would need a complete rewire. She was informed rewiring her home would cost $26,000 but that he could get her an offer for $20,000.

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When arriving back home, an individual pretending to be a federal government inspector was waiting on her. He declared that her house was risky and threatened to cut off the electrical energy. He specified she was going to be "fined" $30,000 for it. Fortunate for her" the roofing professional said he might help her get away with only sharing of the quantity.

It was at this point, the victim asked to see some main recognition. She requested for invoices for the payments she had actually already made. To her surprise, he didn't have any. The male was quickly determined and jailed due to finger prints on the flyer he had entrusted the victim.

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